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Green Mountain Energy: App Design

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Design & DiscoverY: Strategy, Design thinking, Product Design & Prototyping

NRG came to Accenture Digital Products with the task of creating a mobile app for two of their brands — Green Mountain Energy and Cirro. We were given eight weeks to run a fast paced D&D to create apps for both brands, primarily focusing on creating a unique app for Green Mountain Energy that could have potions white-labeled for Cirro. This process included multiple in-person discovery and ideation workshops along with presentations to company stakeholders. GME wanted more than just a bill pay app for their customers, they wanted a way for their customers to feel involved with the brand and realize the impact they’re making by choosing clean energy. Throughout the 8 weeks we were able to deliver key flows to GME, along with white labeling portions of the app for Cirro as well. Because of the success of this D&D, we were hired to take the GME prototype through the build process and launch it.


The Ask


“How can we help NRG design mobile apps which differentiate Cirro and GME in the competitive residential energy market; focusing on reducing friction and increasing satisfaction? 

For GME, create a feature-set which plays on GME's unique positioning to increase brand loyalty.”




Forté gathers important information about the user through a flow when first opening the app. This information helps customize the experience to the user's specific needs and interests. 


Upon opening the app, the user has an option whether to sign in directly or to join. If they are new to the app, they are guided through a sign up sequence.




The profile give the user valuable information about other musicians, including skills, experience, influences, gear, and more.


Discover other musicians, producers, bands, and more. Filter based on your specific needs, or just browse through the recommended profiles.

Connect and Message

Further your connections using the messaging feature. chat, send events and audio. Set up practice spaces and shows.

Explore activity and spaces

Browse activity and events that other users are talking about. Find a practice space or venue to further your connections.

The Brand

Logo & CHAPP

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mood board

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Figuring out the hierarchy was very important to the success of this experience. For example, a first time user has completely different needs than a repeat user.